Questions Before Starting

Before launching into a new project make sure it’s worth your while. 

Before starting your business, make sure you take into accountant the following:

Why am I starting a business? 

What kind of business do I want to start?

Who are my customers going to be?

What product/service am I offering? 

Is it good value for money?

Would you do this just for fun? 

Is there a gap in the market? 

Does it make a difference for people’s lives?

Will it be profitable enough in order to keep going?

Where will my business be located?

Would I need to employ people?

How much money do I need to start?

Would I need a loan/investment? 

How long would it take for your product/service to be buyable? 

How long would it be before I start making profit? 

Am I going to be partnered with another related company? 

Who is my competition? 

What makes me different?

What is my USP? 

What is my marketing strategy? 

How am I going to bring in sales? 

How will I set up the legal side of the business? 

What taxes do I need to pay?

What type of insurances do I need?

How will I managed my business?

Do I need an Accountant? 

Will I be taking a salary in the first year? 

How am I going to advertise my venture? 

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