Celebrity Of The Month – Isabella Rose Taylor (Age 13)



Celebrity and Fashion designer at the age of 13! One of the most inspiring young fashion designers located in the USA. This week, we caught up with Isabella Rose Taylor.


This is Isabella:


Hi!  I’m a 13 year-old fine artist and fashion designer.  I began painting almost daily at the age of three and over the years my art has evolved and matured.  “My involvement with fashion came as a natural extension of my painting.  I have always had a love of fashion and at age nine I decided to start my own clothing line.”  Fashion is not only a passion but it “…is art with legs.”

Inspired by my artwork, travels and the world around me, my namesake juniors clothing line, ISABELLA ROSE TAYLOR, is an ensemble collection for the ever-evolving teen spirit.  The goal of the line is to provide girls my age with clothing that reflects who we are.  I hope to inspire people of all ages to find their passion and follow their dreams.


Isabella Rose Taylor

Isabella Rose Taylor


Isabella, tell us who you are and what you are doing?  


I am a painter and fashion designer.  I currently sell my clothing line at a major retailer in the USA – Nordstrom.


You currently have your own clothing line, how’s that going for you?


I am very excited to have my clothing line at Nordstrom this Fall.  So far it has been going very well.  I have been doing in-store appearances at selected cities across the US.


You did your first catwalk aged 9, what an experience! What was that like? 


I did my first runway show at age 9 at Austin Fashion Week and have been doing runway shows since then in Texas as well as Oklahoma.  This past September I had my first really major runway show during NYC Fashion Week and it was the most surreal experience.  I am so grateful for that opportunity.


And, you made it to the New York Fashion week, what was that like?


It was a surreal experience.  I think every designer dreams of a runway show during NYFW !  It was such an honor to have one of the greatest opportunities of my life.


What got you into fashion? Who’s your most influential celebrity? 


I started painting at a very young age and around the time I was 8 years old, I was working a lot with mixed media.  I was looking to incorporate fabric and stitching into my canvases and wanted to learn to sew.  I had my Mom sign me up for a sewing camp and from there I made my first collection.  I really enjoy taking 2D art and translating it into 3D.  Fashion for me is applied art.


My most influential celebrity in terms of fashion is Rihanna.  I love the risks she takes with fashion.  She is fearless and wears everything so well.

Isabella Rose Taylor

Isabella Rose Taylor


What’s been the biggest challenge you have faced so far? 


It is always a challenge balancing my schedule so I am constantly making sure I have time to do what I want as well as down time to hang out with friends and family.


What’s the biggest goal you hope to achieve in life?


I hope to inspire and mentor other young people who have a big dream of becoming successful!


Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?


I hope to expand into accessories, have a more global presence with my clothing line, and be a mentor to others.


And finally, what piece of advice would you give entrepreneurs?


I think the best piece of advice I could give is to find mentors, ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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