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The story of Lunch BXD began in the summer of 2010 when founders Anna and Naomi met whilst training at Leiths School of Food and Wine. The girls developed a passion for creating fresh, nutritious and natural meals. They left culinary school to hone in their skills in the food industry, both working abroad as well as in London as professional chefs. Anna trained in the different sections of a number of kitchens, whilst Naomi sold salads on Portobello Road and worked in food and travel marketing too.

At the start of 2014, Anna and Naomi decided to see if others would like their style of healthy, yet substantial and vibrant food too. They began by creating dishes at home and delivered themselves by bicycle to nearby offices. Their venture spread from desk to desk and soon Lunch BXD was born. Months later Lunch BXD moved to a commercial space near Waterloo and now has a small and dedicated team of professional chefs working together each day to create and deliver your lunch.

Tell us about you and the business?

We’re a team of chefs who create vibrant, fresh lunches for offices, individuals and events which are sustainably delivered by bicycle in lunch boxes and on sharing platters. We also now provide wholesale salads for cafes and juice bars.

Was it hard to start? 

It was scary but exciting too. We started very small from home and delivered ourselves by bicycle so we didn’t have too many upfront costs and could test the food. Luckily people liked it and kept ordering and now we have a commercial kitchen near Waterloo.

Who are your business aspirations? 

We aspire to create a fun, foodie brand which is well known and respected for the high quality, tasty and fresh food it produces. We’d love Lunch BXD to grow throughout London and for more people to try and enjoy our food every day.

How did the idea come to you?

We’re both chefs so Lunch BXD started from a conversation we were having about the style of food we create at home – food that is tasty and substantial but also naturally healthy and great for you.

How did you know there was a gap in the market for your products? 

We tested it on a small scale and responded to feedback from our clients.

Where are all your products made?

We make our salads in house from our commercial kitchen near Waterloo

How many types of your products do you currently do? 

We create salads for individuals across London (there are no minimum orders), platters for meetings and events and wholesale salads for cafes and juice bars too. We also do corporate event catering and pop up stalls on request.

Who are your main competitors? 


How did you raise the funds? 

The business grew organically throughout last year but we now have one investor as of 2015. 

What challenges have you faced so far? 

There are challenges every day, learning to cope with making big decisions all the time, trusting your instinct and moving forward from mistakes in a positive way is the biggest challenge

What were you doing before starting?

We were both working as chefs.

Have you always wanted to be a budding entrepreneur? 

In some ways I think as my father started his own business and my brother too. I always wanted to give it a go at some point.

When you first started did you have a business mentor?

No, although we do now and it is nice to get advise from someone with experience in the industry.

What has been your biggest breakthrough so far?

Catering a pop up stall for Virgin’s Women Entrepreneur day was an incredible experience and fantastic way to end 2014.

What are your plans for this year?

You’ll have to watch this space I’m afraid. We’re very excited about some Lunch BXD developments happening soon though.

What is your ultimate goal? 

I’m not sure, to create something I’m proud of and keep time for developing recipes myself as part of my working week.

And finally, what piece of advice would you give to a budding entrepreneur? 

Give it ago! Get out there, test your product, adapt and grow.

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