Starting a business can be very exciting but very tiring. Here are some steps on how to start a business and how to get it up and going.

  1. Think of an idea

  2. Is there a gap in the market

  3. Who is your product aimed at

  4. How are you going to market the product

  5. How much is it going to cost?

  6. Do you have enough to fund it?

  7. Do you need investment?

  8. Think of the design of the product

  9. Get your product manufactured

  10. Get a sample, to test for quality

  11. Order a small quantity to begin with

  12. Sell your products to family/friends first

  13. Get a website made

  14. Set up social media pages

  15. Order more, sell at events relevant to the sector you are in

  16. Change your product range, add a new product

  17. Get a press release through a newspaper or magazine

  18. Get a celebrity endorsement

  19. Start Making Money

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