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Tell us what your tech startup does?

MoppedUp is the first app of it’s kind. The homeowner and cleaner connect and they build a list of tasks for the cleaner to do, it’s less ‘mop the floors’ and more about the extras that make a cleaner a great cleaner. For example the six monthly mattress flip (who remembers to do that?) or cleaning the fluff from the tumble dryer filters, which after a GBP 200 bill to clean internal fluff I wish I had my cleaner do it sooner.

The app is centralised around the creation of the ‘to-do list’, but also features in app communication where the cleaner can suggest new cleaning products and where the homeowner and cleaner can communicate. We’ve built in a ‘Find a cleaner’ feature should the homeowner need a new cleaner we will get one in contact with them. I should mention we are NOT a cleaning company and we do not offer services. There are plenty of companies that offer this service, we are the software to create the cleaning list and to get the homeowners and cleaners communicating.

How many people are in your team? 

It’s currently just me with the help of freelancers and talented friends.

How did the idea originally come to you?

My idea came from the frustrations of writing notes to my cleaner. I wanted a simple, easy to hand solution that would connect me with my cleaner. I’ve in the past had some good cleaners and then they leave and you have to start the process again. MoppedUp allows you to create that perfect to-do list and then if your cleaner leaves you, connect with your new cleaner without the hassle of the new setup.

Who are your business inspirations? 

I’m greying a little round the edges and as I’m a late starter to the world of entrepreneurship I look to others who started later in life, I’m comforted that it took until the age 65 for Colonel Sanders to start his chicken business!

What were you doing before you started?

I was a freelance IT contractor. I have a background in running projects but this is one where I own all of the delivery and whilst my previous life was heavy on the technical side the life of an Appreneur is way more than just the technical side, it’s the promoting, the designing of websites, the testing of new code and the organising of photo shoots to name a few.

Having you always wanted to be budding entrepreneurs?

No it didn’t appeal when I was younger and if I’m honest I don’t think I had the skills.

Why do people need to use your app?
It’s an easy to use app which homeowners can set up in minutes to help them create the perfect ‘to-do list’ for their cleaner. The ‘to-do list’ will ensure the home is cleaned how the homeowners likes it along with house checks and maintenance and additional tasks to keep the home running and looking fab!
No more miss communication, this app will save you time and effort after a one stop setup. If you are a cleaner, pop in your details and send to your customers for them to complete. It really is that simple!

Who are your competitors and what are you doing differently?

MoppedUp is unique. The current market is dominated by companies who can book you a cleaner in seconds. But what happens when the cleaner arrives? How does the cleaner know what I want doing? What if the cleaner leaves?

MoppedUp has been created for this exact reason. The homeowner and cleaner connect to design the perfect home to-do list for the cleaner to action, all these details stay with the homeowner.

How did you raise the funds to start the business? 

Self funded.

What are your main revenue streams?

Our target audience is the six million UK homes with a cleaner. App sales are our income stream. We charge the homeowner a one off fee of GBP 2.99 and for the cleaners it’s free.

Where are you based?

I live and work in Shoreditch. I think its important to not spend hours a day commuting, this is time that can be used to either work or have fun.

What are your aims for the business?

To create a product that becomes the only place homeowners need to go to organise the cleaning of the home and a place for cleaners to communicate with their customers.

What challenges have you faced along the way?

I think we all have strengths and weaknesses; my main challenges have been around areas that are my weaknesses. I know what they are and I’ve had to confront them and not allow my doubts hold me back.

What has been your biggest breakthrough so far? 

Getting the first Apple approval. You read the rules and you hope they see your vision but they can be super hard to please which is great as that’s what keeps the store well stocked but it would have sunk the ship if we didn’t get approval.

What has been the biggest mistake?

I would rather not think of them as mistakes, but I’ve learned many good lessons from making wrong decisions.

What are you hoping to turnover this year? 

The goal is to reach as many of the UK six million homes as possible for this year. We want to become a product that people continue to return to.

We also want users to rate the cleaners they have, we want to create a place where we can promote the great cleaners.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I’d like to see us supporting further platforms with a global reach. I would also like to have entered the commercial cleaning space and launched further spin offs.

And finally, what piece of advice would you give to entrepreneurs? 

Choose something you love doing and don’t give up. I have a rule that when I’m sick to the teeth of doing something then I know I’m spending the right amount of time on it.

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