Clive Reeves Public Relations Ltd

Clive Reeves Public Relations Ltd

A conversation started it all

Who are your most significant relationships with? Chances are you can recall those first important conversations.

Conversations are powerful.

In business, your conversations need to influence behaviour. They can be positive, leading to new relationships. Sometimes they can be awkward, requiring careful thought on how best to tackle them.

Whatever type of conversation you need to have, Clive Reeves Public Relations can help you to define what you want to say and help you deliver it.

Our ethos – with no bluster.

For us PR is about one simple question – how do you talk with the people who matter to your organisation?

It is about an intelligent conversation. Between you and us. And between you and whoever is important to your business.

How can you reinforce the good work you have carried out to the people who buy your products or use your services? If the unexpected happens and things go wrong, how do you cope with the situation and then begin to rebuild trust?

We are a consultancy. We will challenge you with questions you weren’t expecting and perhaps don’t really want to answer. We hope it will keep you thinking about the people out there who have an interest in what you are doing.

You might be an entrepreneur or innovative SME looking to take on your larger and better-resourced rivals. You might be a large firm or public sector organisation wanting to break away from the blustering management jargon so prevalent these days. Whatever size or type organisation you are, we already work with people of a similar mindset to you.

Let’s chat together and see how we can help you have more effective conversations with the people who matter to you.

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