Shopping may not be all that boring after all!

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Being an entrepreneur in retail has just become a lot more exciting.

Thanks to a collaboration between IncuBus Ventures and Camden Market, UK entrepreneurs have the opportunity to share their products with the 500,000+ weekly visitors to London’s most famous market.

The ‘Future of Retail’ store floors is designed to give the fastest growing retail stores a springboard platform to drive sales and accelerate growth under, what is shaping up to be, a very cool roof.

The 2,000 square foot store, spread over two floors incorporates the UK’s largest Virtual Reality experience and intends to function as part-shop, part-arcade and part-art gallery. And it’s hosting a group of impressive brands.

First Floor VR Space matches data, gathered from 3D body scanners, to garment data and recommends an accurate size for you – completely erasing the frustration that comes along with ordering clothes in the wrong size. And it’s free, in-store.

Dum Dum Doughnuts have been making a bit of a splash with the innovation behind their well… uh… doughnuts. Home to the baked doughnut, croissant doughnut and the Crone (it’s an Ice Cream cone made from doughnut. We know.), the brand first launched exclusively in the Future of Retail store.

Visit REIN – a rapidly growing womenswear brand that uses a unique laser cutting process to satisfy the likes of Lady Gaga, Charli XCX and Little Mix. Or if you’re in need of a luxury eye wear fix, T D Kent use 3D printing and the latest face scanning technology to create a unique pair of glasses designed specifically for you.

Projects like ‘Future of Retail’ are more than fundamental, given recent reports. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics the volume of retail sales decreased by 0.9% in May-June. Entrepreneurs are being challenged to become more creative in their products, strategy and delivery so that the more commercial retail experience maintains the vibrant popularity the historic market continues to boast.

Luis Hidalgo, Programme Director for the Future of Retail Programme says that the scheme allows “the businesses to implement learnings with large engaged audience of consumers. Camden Market is the perfect location for the businesses to showcase their products, test new concepts, build case studies, receive market feedback and crucially generate more business.”

The space is currently open until the end of September.

For more information: visit the IncuBus London website.

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