Promoting Your Company

Promoting your company is always key as you are always looking for new customers, you want to be constantly engaging with your customers.

Tips for promoting your comapny

Like our Facebook page and receive 10% off your next order. By doing this, people are engaging with your company and they are receiving news about what happening with your business.

Promoters – Get young adults to promote your company, if they sell an item, they get commission.

Collaborations – ┬áCollaborate with companies relevant to your brand.

Freebies – People love free items especially the younger generation. Offer a free product (festival wristband with the brands name on) to every single person who walks past your stand if you are exhibiting somewhere. If not, take them everywhere you go as this is a huge marketing tool.

Leaflets – Drop leaflets around your village/town. Engage with your local community and tell them who you are and what’s going on in the local community.

Social Media – Social Media is the biggest part of most companies. Promote your company on the main social media sites and get your customers to like/follow/share your posts.




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