Why You Should Be Going Broke Every Night


I recently watched a video called “This guy makes $86,400 each day and goes broke every night”. I was drawn in thinking “who is this guy and how does he do it?”, much like I think most others would be too. What I found was a truly inspirational video.

The 86,400 doesn’t refer to money, but rather seconds in a day. Each day we all wake up with 86,400 seconds of which to spend however we choose. I’m sure, like me, you’re thinking “then why is it $”? The money reference is quite clever actually, because you see if we were each given $86,400 per day, wouldn’t we all make the most of it knowing we’ll get the same amount tomorrow morning. I sure would, and I think you would too.


Why should time be thought of any different to money? The set amount of time each day can’t carry over. You can’t bank it for another day or give it to anyone else. It’s yours and yours alone. If you do nothing with it you’ve wasted away a set amount of time you can never get back.

Some of us have more money than others but what we all have in common is time. We all have 86,400 seconds to our day in which to do whatever sparks our imagination and creativity. Are you truly getting the most out of your time or are you investing it in repetitive and draining activities.

There is a rather famous guy called Jerome Jarre. Yes the guy from vine! In one of his many videos he talks of some advice a friend of his passed on. It goes a little like this:-

“You are 88 years old and lying on your death bed. Suddenly you are given the opportunity to reset and come back to this very moment, what would you do different?”

What would you do? Do you feel happy with the direction your life is heading? Again are you correctly investing your time? All these questions only you can answer but just think about it for a minute. If you were given one more day to live would you spend it chained to your desk or would you go out and experience all the world has to offer. There is more to life than just a 9-5.

This is why I feel we should spend every second we get and go broke every night. Life is too short to be left with regret at the end of the road.

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