You’re Losing Out And I Bet You Don’t Even Know It


If you live for the weekend you’re doing the wrong thing! Sorry to be blunt but this is the truth.

If I was to offer you £2 in exchange for £5 I bet you’d tell me where to stick it. If I offered you a £2000 car in exchange for a £5000 car, unless you were an idiot you’d say hell no. If I said to you I’ll give you 2 years of life if you give me 5 years… You get the point. So why are you trading 5 days of meaningless and boring work in exchange for 2 days to do what ever you want?

If you’re that disengaged from all that you’re doing you need to wake up and change. You need to look in the mirror and ask yourself why you’re not living your life to its full potential. You’re losing out everyday as you trade 5:2. So many people do this that it’s become the norm in today’s society. We’ve followed what others have done before us but no more do we need to conform to their way of living.

Few truly know the value of their time, but the ones that do invest it wisely. They trade 2 days for 5 rather than 5:2, because they understand how to create the most for what they put in. They no longer trade time for money but rather increase their income whilst increasing their free time. The wealthy understand how time and money work and find the correct way to leverage one against the other.

If you take on more hours at work to get more income you’re trading even more time for money in what will only end up as a losing situation. At the end of your life you won’t appreciate all that extra time you spend in the office rather you’ll think back to the time you invested wisely. The time spent travelling the world, socialising with friends & family and building things that bring you joy.

“You can always get more money but you can’t get more time”

Stop trading one for the other and begin working on a way to make the two to work for each other. Manage the time you do have and you can become twice as efficient in the same amount of time. Or better yet, now you can work for half the time. Stop trading 5:2 for something you don’t enjoy or feel rewarded by and start taking control. Your situation is yours and yours alone.

We live in a generation where you can literally do anything you have a passion for and make an income from it. Stop wishing for the weekend to hurry and start living each day like its retirement. Create a life that you don’t require a holiday for and most of all create a life that doesn’t require a weekend to escape from it.

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